Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What do we want? A-Levels! When do we want them? Next Year!

Around 50 students demonstrated outside Cambridge Regional College today in protest at the cancellation of their A-level courses. If the college goes ahead with its plans it may mean that many students in the area will be unable to study A-levels whatsoever, since Long Road Sixth Form College has also cut its evening class provision. There was a mood of defiance as college authorities attempted to force unaffected students back into class. The teaching staff, who will also be facing redundancies if the plans go through, came out to show their support at noon, and the protest continued until 2pm. The students brought drums and banners, with Yusuf Martin, a student union activist at CRC organising the demo, saying he had been inspired by the Anti-War demonstrations in London. Students also attended the demonstration from Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin, and Long Road Sixth Form College, as well as members of Cambridge NUT and TUC. The students ended by vowing to continue their fight, and to attend the NUT organised demonstration against Labour’s new Education Bill on Saturday.

Well done to all of them, it was a pleasure to attend. Hopefully this can be a springboard to forming links throughout Cambridge to resist attacks on all of our education.