Monday, June 26, 2006

Blair, ism, ites, etc.

(I've escaped the Cambride bubble, and will attempt to actually update this thing properly now)

According to Blair, what was achieved at Gleneagles last year was as much as anyone except those with rose-tinted spectacles could have expected. This is one of those soundbytes which I can't help feeling was directed largely at me, and people like me (a bit like in February 2003 when it was us who had blood on our hands). So, apparently I, and the silly, idealistic left like me, have rose-tinted spectacles. So, let me help you see what I see through them:

Mr Blair, I do not see the world as an idealist; I am thoroughly realistic about the way in which the system you defend and promote acts to destroy it. I have seen it enough times to realise that it is real. However, what you cannot allow yourself to understand is that some of us, and more and more of us, no longer belief that it has to be this way. There are other possibilities, other realities that we can see that you refuse to. If it's my rose tints that help me do so, then I'll cling on to them until my last breath, but I suspect it is you that is deluded, not I.

(In the morning I will be sober, and might get rid of this, but I will still be angry.)


At 12:01 am, Anonymous RobG said...

Go Dan! Big up the drunk posting! See you at Marxism in a couple of weeks.

At 11:53 pm, Blogger Jacob Bard-Rosenberg said...

Woooo, Rose tints.


At 4:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but surely the idealists never believed that blair was going to change anything anyway. rose-tinted specs surely refers to naive christian aid types

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At 12:25 am, Blogger El Tom said...

big question: what is the guy in picture #2 sitting on?

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